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Premier Lawn Management (360) 886 0444 Renothin and Aerator For Lawn Renovations
Renothin For Dethatching Lawns
Ryan Renothin
   The renothin is used to loosen and pull out the thatch from the lawn. The fixed knives slice through the thatch lifting it from the lawn. After the lawn has been de-thatched, the thatch is raked up and hauled away. Usually we aerate after using the renothin, we always overseed.
Ryan Lawnair Four Aerator
Ryan Lawnair Four Aerator
  The Ryan Lawnair Four Aerator is one of the best aerators on the market. In good soil we will pull approximately a 2 inch plug. This allows for water, nutrients and air to get into the soil and feed the root system immediately. These plug holes also provide for a great seed-bed.

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